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Vehicle Detailing Cheltenham

Here at Difinitus Detailing, we take vehicle care and make it our passion. After years of honing our skills in the motor trade and automotive industry and finding the right products that give the best results, we are ready to serve the demand of thorough and defined vehicle care, with nothing less than a flawless finish every time.

From car detailing, correction and protection measures, we provide a range of detailing services that will make your vehicle look and feel as good as new!


Vehicle Detailing Cheltenham

New Vehicle Detail

Providing results far superior to a standard factory finish, our New Vehicle Detail can give your new pride and joy perfect protection and flawless shine, that it deserves, lasting up to 4 years.

Vehicle Detailing Cheltenham

Correction & Restoration

Correction and Restoration is the only effective way to bring your vehicles paintwork and other faded surfaces to a show shine finish. Using a 3 stage polishing system we are able to remove 95-100% of paintwork swirls, scratches, bird lime burns and road fallout.

Vehicle Detailing Cheltenham

Total Surface Protection

Protecting more than just your paintwork, all exterior and interior surfaces deserve the same high level treatment, and that is exactly what we do.

Vehicle Detailing Cheltenham

Interior & Upholstery 

Wether you require carpet cleaning, stain removal or simply want the inside as flawless as the outside, we offer incredibly thorough interior detailing to achieve results you might not even think possible.

Vehicle Detailing Cheltenham

Engine Bay Detail

Often overlooked and hidden away under the bonnet or tailgate, the engine bay can very quickly gain a build up of grease and grime becoming an eye sore compared to the rest of your newly detailed vehicle.

Vehicle Detailing Cheltenham

Additional Services

If you are looking for something that isn’t listed as one of our main services, check out the list of additional services we offer here at Difinitus Detailing.

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